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It’s like having Google and all its features and other options rolled in to one. RunQuestRun Chrome extension is a great addition to your browser. This search tool has maximized the new tab option when searching online. Add it to your browser so that every time you open a new tab, you will be redirected to the RunQuestRun website. There’s no need to have multiple tabs in your browser that will only cause it to lag or even crash. No additional browser is also necessary to check out the sites where you find the content that you need.

Everything is easier to find in one place. Choose a particular topic that interests you and you can search for information about it in just one go. When you are already in, type your query in the search box using a keyword or keyword phrase. You will also notice that your word or term is automatically completed based on the previous searches being recorded. Even if you misspelled some words, you will still find relevant search results. No one can avoid mistyping some words and there is no problem with this when you use the extension.

You have a new option when you are looking for organic search results. Fast and easy! That’s what RunQuestRun is. You can also directly click on a particular category to check the latest news and updates on relevant topics. You will see a listing of different content from various blogs and websites, which you may not often find when using the top search engines. These are mostly close matches based on relevance and the terms used during your query and other users’ queries. Choose a particular topic or use specific keywords or keyword phrases to get the results that you expect.

When you use the Chrome extension, it will be easy and quick to access the website and find what you are looking for. Aside from the latest news and updates, you can access Y Search and News search for news searching, Search Nearby for finding different places from a certain point, Currency Converter, Wikipedia Search, Weather, and Translator. Take advantage of the full-featured information retrieval library to access information that was available several years back. Enjoy the clean and simple HTTP interface that will let you avoid any distraction while looking into search results.

You have everything you need in one place when you use RunQuestRun extension. Give it a try and see if you will really have a faster and easier experience when doing your online search. 

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Runquest Run Chrome Extension

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